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Skin Care Products




Vascu-Touch is a quick and effective treatment for removal of unsightly facial veins, skin tags, and cherry angiomas.


When compared with the laser, Vascu-Touch yields similar results without the bruising and high treatment costs.


This quick, simple procedure will not cause scarring or hyper pigmentation.





How Does It Work?



Vascu-Touch uses very low levels of high frequency and DC current to electro coagulate the vessel without injuring the surrounding tissue.



Will I Need Multiple Treatments?



One to three sessions can successfully correct most conditions, depending on how many broken capillaries or blemishes exist.



How Is The Procedure Done?



Vascu-Touch uses a non-invasive sterile probe which is placed on the skins surface above the area to be treated. There is no pressure or penetration of the skin during treatment. Low level current coagulates the vessel and shuts it down. With proper post treatment care, the blood vessel is naturally absorbed within 3-4 weeks, similar to a bruise.



Does It Hurt?



There is an element of discomfort for some patients depending on the area being treated.Any discomfort a patient may feel is limited to the brief moments during actual treatment and there are no lasting effects.