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Easy Fix for Broken Capillaries


Basic facts of those thin red, purple or blue capillaries that expand and sometimes break better known as telangectasia show up as threadlike lines on either face or legs. These vessels leak out blood and accentuate the capillaries. Reasons for these occurrences are irritation to the skin like exfoliating more than twice a week. Facials that are too harsh or being too aggressive with extractions can also cause broken capillaries. Family history plays a role if your parents have some, then you will be prone as well. Extreme heat from too long or too often in the sun steam, rooms, saunas, or overly strenuous activity that forces the capillaries to expand and possibly burst can contribute as well. A skin disease known as Rosacea is also a culprit. As the disease progresses, capillaries become much more prominent across the cheeks and nose. Alcohol consumption can trigger telangectasia, so limit beer, wine and cocktails.

What’s a simple solution? Vascu-Touch is an electric device that cauterizes the small broken capillaries on the face. This procedure does have an element of discomfort for some individuals. Usually requires only 1 to 2 treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart. Procedures produce very tiny crusts that heal within 5 to 7 days. For the thicker skin on the legs, the vascular laser works best. Again requires 2- 5 treatments depending on how many capillaries and color of them. Face also works well with the laser if patient prefers this method instead.